Fall 2012

CFW 107: College Algebra

This course examines the fundamentals of algebra and its applications to real word situations, polynomials, rational expressions, complex numbers, systems of linear equations, elementary matrices, and their applications.

ISC 088: Portfolio

This course is a non-credit pass/fail course required of all students. The purpose of this course is to ensure that all students have submitted a portfolio for approval by the department prior to graduation. It may be presented in an electronic format or hardcopy. The portfolio may consist of written reflections, problem solving tasks, event participation and written scholarly works.

ISC 240: Programming and Problem Solving

This course is an introduction to problem solving using a computer programming language. A programming language that is high level, widely spread, and modern is covered in this course. Topics include data types, objects, conditional and iterative control, files, and input/output instructions.

ISC 495: Internship

This course provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the workplace relevant to their major with employers in the public and private sectors. Internships are intended to match the academic background and strengths of students, their interests and future career ambitions.